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With ministry comes problems.  We often feel under-resourced, under-qualified, and somewhat isolated.  The WLP Coaching Network offers a unique opportunity to address the ministry challenges we all face.  Under the leadership of a Worship Pastor, Production Pastor, and a Senior Pastor you will find monthly training, coaching, and relationships to increase effectiveness and level up your leadership.


Each month we meet via video as a large group and take a deep dive into a specific ministry topic. Your Head Coaches Scot, Brian, and Jeremy will explore challenges like  . . .

// How can I increase my connection to Jesus?

// How can I have a better relationship with my Senior Pastor?

// How do I deal with criticism?

// How do I recruit and fire team members?

// How can I increase congregation engagement in worship?

Large group meetings happen the first tuesday of each month at 3 pm starting may 5th 

In addition to the large group training, once a month you will meet in a small group of no more than ten people with a WLP Certified Coach where you will take a deeper dive into the monthly topic, have opportunity to interact with your coach, and connect with other members.  Small groups meet at various times during the month allowing you to pick a time convenient to you.  

BONUS: All Network members will have private access to the WLP Coaching Network Slack Channel.  Here you can discuss any topic, in a forum style. 


Looking for a review on a product? 

Not sure how to handle a situation at your church?

Looking for new ideas for a special service? 

All this and more can be discussed with your Network through the Slack Channel, available only to WLP Coaching Network members.


monthly // $49

- Monthly live large group training

- Monthly meetings with WLP Certified Coaches

- 24/7 Access to Private Slack Channel

- Cancel anytime

yearly // $490

- Monthly live large group training

- Monthly meetings with WLP Certified Coaches

- 24/7 Access to Private Slack Channel

- 12 months for the price of 10

The Coaching Network has been a blast as we have worked to take some deep dives into subjects we are all wrestling with. Registration will be back in January for our next sessions that will begin in February.

frequently asked questions

When do we meet?

Large groups meet the first Tuesday of each month (starting May 5th) at 3:00 PM EST. Small groups meet at various times throughout the month (pick the group and time that is best for you).

What if I can't make a monthly session or am late joining a session?

No detentions here. Each session will be recorded and posted online for playback as your schedule allows. While you will get the most out of the live sessions, we understand that sometimes schedules get crazy.

Will I be able to connect with Jeremy, Brian, or Scot outside of the monthly sessions?

While we will make every effort to connect with as many people as possible, it may not be physically possible to connect. However, your WLP Certified Coach will be a powerful connection. We only use coaches, who in addition to their expertise, are highly relational.

I’m not sure I can swing the monthly registration fee. What should I do?

Most churches want to invest in their leaders. Share this information with your supervisor and ask if they would consider investing in your skills.

How will we meet and stay in contact?

Once a  month our large class will meet via Zoom video calls. You can join on your phone or computer. 


In addition, once a month you will meet in a small group (7-10) with a WLP Certified Coach. During this time you will dive in deeper to the monthly topic as well as have an opportunity to ask questions and interact with other members as well as your coach.


We will stay in communication during the week via our private Slack channel. (forum-like style).

How about a guarantee?

Done. If you don’t find the coaching helpful, simply stop your subscription at any time (cancellation not available if you paid the annual rate up front, since you have taken advantage of a killer discount)

What makes Scot, Jeremy, and Brian experts in their field?

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.” - Neils Bohr.  Neils Bohr would call us “major experts.” Save yourself years of headaches and learn from our mistakes! (For more info on who we are, Click HERE)

More questions?

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